where do you wanna run?
find another place to shalter
your broken piece?
come here and sit with me
let’s talk about things you
don’t share to others
because I promise you
that’s only me
who could see
your deepest feelings/
you fell down
many times before
you called it mistakes
because you crossed
the same path and
opened the same page
over and over again
like sad songs you replay
during sad season/
but lately I found out
you found something new
patterns you discovered
new ways:

a new way to forgive
a new way to rise
a new way to stand
a new way to heal
a new way to live

now you realize
that at the end of the day
the only person who can
pick you back up
after falling is you

fallen down

but you rise and stand
and I wish you nothing
but keep holding, believing
and loving yourself
more than you’ve ever could !


One of the reasons to make yourself in peace is giving enough to someone and always appreciate them. sometimes, you just need to understand not all people have that will to give you more but if they do, you are lucky. don’t ever try to take everything so personal, you don’t have to always follow your ego because when you do, it just makes you feel upset because they cannot fulfill your need and it’s your job to learn how to receive or take enough from someone. don’t be too hard on yourself, sometimes it’s not always about other people, sometimes it can be about you and it’s okay to check on yourself. .!


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Vishvajeet Vasantrao Dhawale

Vishvajeet Vasantrao Dhawale


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